Bluerock Homes Advantage

We believe that our investment strategy and operating model distinguishes us from other owners, operators, and acquirors of single-family rental real estate in several important ways, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Our Expertise Across Our Target Markets – with significant breadth and depth in real estate operating and investment experience of more than $50 million square feet and $13 billion in value residential real estate investments in our target markets
  • Expertise Creating Value Across Our Investment Strategies and Various Capital Structures – with substantial experience executing transactions and creating value across our residential value-add and development investment strategies, and across multiple capital structures —equity, preferred equity, and mezzanine — providing substantial flexibility to create value in transactions
  • Our Network Strategy – enabling us to successfully invest in single-family real estate with members of our network comprised of experienced regional owner-operators across the nation that provide access to attractive, proprietary transaction pipeline, deep local market knowledge to underwrite appropriately, as well as operational expertise and infrastructure to provide execution of the operating and value creation strategies without the cost and logistical burdens.