Investor Kit


Fund Brochure

Total Income+ Sub Advisor Brochure

TI+ Fact Sheet Q4 2022 (A, C, L Shares)

TI+ Fact Sheet Q4 2022 (I Share)

TI+ Repurchase & Distribution Calendar 2022

TI+ Repurchase & Distribution Calendar 2023

A Share Performance Report (Q4 2022)

C Share Performance Report (Q4 2022)

I Share Performance Report (Q4 2022)

L Share Performance Report (Q4 2022)

Client Account Login Instructions


Class A Prospectus

Class C Prospectus

Class I Prospectus

Class L Prospectus

Class M Prospectus

Statement of Additional Information (SAI)

Educational Media

A Guide to Interval Funds

TI+ Fund Investor Video Q1 2022 – Short (3:20)

TI+ Fund Investor Video Q2 2022 – Long (6:32)


New Account Application

Account Update Form

Transfer and Assignment of Shares

Additional Investment Account Application

Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) Form

Transfer On Death (T.O.D.) Form

First Trust IRA Application – Direct Held

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