About Bluerock Value Exchange

Bluerock Value Exchange (BVEX), a subsidiary of Bluerock Real Estate, is a national sponsor of syndicated 1031-exchange offerings for over 19 years with a focus on Premier Exchange Properties™ that seek to deliver stable cash flows and potential for value creation. Bluerock has structured 1031 exchanges on more than $2.5 billion in total property value and approximately 13.2 million square feet of property. With capacity across nearly all real estate sectors and the ability to customize transactions for individual investors, BVEX is available to create programs to accommodate a wide range of tax requirements.

Potential Benefits

Bluerock’s 1031 programs (DST) offer many potential benefits, including:

Targeted attractive current distribution rates

Passive ownership

Efficient and timely tax reporting

Professional asset management services

Comprehensive investor communication and reporting

Potential tax deferral

Long-term appreciation potential