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Bluerock Mid-Year 2023 Economic and Markets Outlook
10 min read

Bluerock 2023 Economic and Markets Outlook
10 min read


Q3 2023 Market Insights
1 min read

Q2 2023 Market Insights
1 min read


Single-Family Residential and Apartment Sectors Overview
4 min read

Industrial Sector Overview
3 min read


In Pursuit of High Income, Without Undo Risk?
1 min read

Long-Term Real Estate Investors Don’t Need to Call the Bottom
1 min read

Strong Projected Growth Among Bluerock High Conviction Sectors
1 min read

Public REITs’ Predictive Power of Private Real Estate Values Might Be Weaker Than You Think
3 min read

What’s the Best Method to Broadly Access Real Estate?
4 min read

Why Individual Investors Should Consider Seeking Alternative Credit
5 min read

CLOs vs Other Structured Products
5 min read

Why Interval Funds Now?
5 min read

Long-Term Structural Tailwinds Favor Specific Sectors
3 min read

The Case for Investment in SFR Sector
4 min read

Commercial Real Estate: Perspectives on Historical Returns and the Current Cycle
6 min read

Industrial Real Estate Rents Still Seem Like A Bargain
5 min read

Indicators for Bullish Outlook for iPERE
4 min read

iPERE: A Timely Asset Class in Inflationary and Rising Rate Environments
5 min read

Real Estate Tax Advantages
4 min read

The Challenge of Fixed Income Investing in the 2020s
4 min read

Institutional Real Estate: Attractively Valued
3 min read

Primer for Apartment Investment
7 min read


Investing in Collateralized Loan Obligations

Understanding Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Diversification for a Yield-Starved World

Where are the Investment Opportunities in Today’s Environment?

Advanced Diversification: A Primer

A Guide to Interval Funds
14 min read


Institutional Real Estate: Market Timers Beware
4 min

The Industrial Re-Revolution
6 min

The Case for Institutional Private Real Estate
5 min


Blue Vault Webinar: Deconstructing Diversification: A Novel Approach to a Long-Standing Strategy
1 hr 1 min

Blue Vault Webinar: Recovery Perspectives and the Evaluation of Institutional Real Estate for Investors Today and Tomorrow
1 hr 2 min